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National Library of Wales




Original document, photocopy


Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: William Gilbert

Place name:

Craswall, Longtown




Probate papers of William Gilbert, gentleman


Will included: Yes, dated 14 July 1661


Beneficiaries: to Jane my wife all my household stuff and provision, together with all my [?] horses, mares, sheep, young beasts and all other of whatever creature kind of sort they be; also to my wife Jane fourscore pounds of money conditionally that the said Jane my wife shall cause to be paid unto William Gilbert my youngest son the sum of twenty pounds part of the sum of fourscore pounds after her decease; to Henry Gilbert one of my sons the sum of fifty pounds; to [?Alice] one of my daughters threescore and ten pounds; to William Gilbert my youngest son sixscore pounds when he shall attain the age of one and twenty years, the sum of three pounds to be paid in the mean time by the said Jane my now wife; to Elizabeth Mason, to Catherine Jenkins and to [?Maud] Hunt my daughters the sum of five pounds; to Lewis Gilbert my son and heir apparent all that messuage lands tenements leasows meadows pastures woods and underwoods commons watercourses and all and singular appurtenances thereunto belonging wherein he now dwelleth; the sum of three pounds to the three eldest children of Lewis Gilbert to be equally divided between them and paid yearly; after the decease of the said Lewis Gilbert I give and bequeath the said messuage [etc] to Gilbert Gilbert son and heir apparent of the said Lewis Gilbert and for want of issue to my youngest son William Gilbert; to Zachary Gilbert my son and to Henry Gilbert my son the sum of five pounds; to William Gilbert my youngest son, after the decease of my now wife, all my right title and interest into three parcels of lands arable meadows and pastures lately purchased by me of one [?] Phillipps and one Edward Howell John situate in Longtown until such time my son John Gilbert shall pay fifty pounds to three of my sons William Gilbert [twenty pounds], Zachary Gilbert [ten pounds] and Henry Gilbert [twenty pounds], according to one deed bearing the date of 10th of February 1559 and immediately from the payment of the said fifty pounds to the use of the said John Gilbert as in the beforementioned deed it doth appear.


Others mentioned: None


Witnesses: David Thomas, [?] Griffith


Inventory included: Yes, dated [?] 1663, value £396-14-0. Appraisers: Howell [?Ychan], Thomas [?Watkins], Abraham Watkins


Will proved: 12 June 1663,


Bond included: Yes, dated [?] 1663, Gilbert Gilbert and William Gilbert bound


Other papers: Memorandum concerning release of the will


Property/Holdings: None named


Bequest to the cathedral church of St Davids sixpence, to the parish church of Clodock twelve pence.






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Ref: nw_cra_4032