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Transcription of Agent’s pocket book. Map 11 items

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Craswall, Llanveynoe


1760 -1862


Map No 11 –Craswall and Llanveynoe

(map taken from D1583/208)

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Crasswall and Llanveyno – Copyhold

No . 1
Leasehold. Lease granted 29 Sept 1846 to John Watkins of Blackhilll
for the Lives of Jas. Watkins (son of Lessee 20, Thos Watkins 3 (nephew of Lessee) and Phillip Jones 5 (son of Daniel Jones of Newton, Farmer)
James Watkins dead, Thos Watkins dead (killed on Railway) - Philip Jones sole life
Called “Little Blackhill”
Crasswall 822 to 825, Acreage 12a.3.16p


No. 2 to 10 inclusive
Copy granted 17 January 1846 to John Wakins of Blackhill, Crasswall, Yeoman
for the lives of Daniel & William Watkins (sons of grantee) then aged respctly 20 & 17 and John Jones (son of John Jones of Kentchurch, Farmer) then aged 6
Called “Little Blackhill”
Crasswall Tithe Map 810, 811, 812, 815, 816, 820, 821 [struck out – 822, 825, 824, 825]
Acreage [struck out - 46a.1r.34p] 33a.2r.18p
Rent 3/6


No. 11 to 18 Inclusive
Copy granted 11 Sept 1840 to Henry John Chambers of Liverpool, Shipbroker
for the Lives of Mary and Catherine Frusted then aged 21 and 16 resptly (daurs of Benjamin Frusted of Hay, Cornfactor) and Anna Mary Frusted then age 19 (daur of Thos Frusted, Cliro Co Radnor, Farmer).
Crasswall Tithe Map 76, 91, part 92, 93, 94, 97 & 98
Acreage 27a.2r.21p
Rent 2/3


No. 19
Copy granted 11 June 1861 to David Watkins of “Chapel House” Farm Crasswall
for the Lives of Lessee then aged 66 and Edwin Watkins (son of late John Watkins deced of Crickhowell and nephew of Lessee) then aged 19
Crasswall Tithe Map 95, 96 & 114
Acreage 12a.1r.2p


No 22, 23, 24, 25
Copy granted 1781 to John Sherburn all the lives in which have dropped upwards of Thirty years, during which time no acknowledgement has been paid. Sir Thos Phillips therefore who is now in possession by purchase claims it as freehold.
Llanveyno Nos. 573, 504, 507 & 508. - 9a.0r.3p


No. 26
Copy granted 1858 to John Griffiths of Olchon, Llanveyno, Farmer
for the Lives of Grantee then aged 24 and David and Jane Griffiths then aged rescptly 9 and 13, (Brother and Sister of Grantee)
Llanveyno No. 167. -.2a.0r.18r
Rent -/6


No. 27
Copy Granted  same date to same Grantee and for same Lives.
Llanveyno No. 156 .- 3a.1r.2p
Rent -/6d


 Nos 28 to 40 inclusive
Copy granted 19 July 1854 to Charles Lowth of Winchester Esq. and Thos Veasey of Baldock Co Hertford Esq.
for the Lives of The Princess Alice, Prince Alfred, and Princess Helena.
Called “Pont y Moody” Farm
Fence taken up between No. 28 and freehold.
Llanveyno Nos.366, part 367 (1-1-5), and 368 to 378 inclusive. 27a.3r.3p
Rent 2/7 ½



No. 20
Lease granted 29 Sept 1807 to William Downes of Hinton, City Hereford
for Lives of Mary Ann and Martha Clee Downes (both dead) and Ann Waring (now Mrs Moore of Hay, Schoolmistress) then aged 5.
Ann Waring (now Mrs Moore) sole life
In possession of David Watkins.
Crasswall Tithe Map 241. – Acreage 2a.3r.13p


No. 21
Lease granted 29 Sept 1814 to John Watkins of Crasswall, Yeoman
for the Lives of Lessee then aged 47, John his son 23 and Eliza Jones (natural daur of Joseph Jones of Wormbridge, Blacksmith) then aged 5.
Lessee and John his son both dead. – Eliza sole life now the wife of John Jones (son of Job Jones late of the “Vineyard” deced)
Crasswall Tithe Map 242, 243 & 244 – Acreage 2a.1r.28p


Query - Encroachment by said John Chambers out of Common adj. No. 14, Nos. on Tithe Map 66 & 67
Query - 245 & 246 on Tithe Map, encroachment by John Watkins adj. No. 21



Use of capitals, spelling and punctuation have been retained. To ease readability some line breaks have been introduced. Some abbreviations have been expanded. Brackets - ( ) are as document. Brackets - [ ] indicate text struck out or added information. The Field numbers used for primary identification are those used in a survey made before 1800 (see D/1583/208) and predate those of the Tithe surveys of the 1840’s.

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