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National Library of Wales




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Probate Collection, Wills and Inventories: Syble Gilbert

Place name:

Craswall, Llanveynoe




Probate papers of Syble Gilbert, widow

Will included: Yes, dated 16 October 1713

Beneficiaries: To William Gilbert my eldest son all that half part unto me allotted of all that messuage and land in my occupation in the several townships of Craswall and Llanveynoe and heretofore the messuage and lands of Richard Mapp now deceased, upon this condition that the said William Gilbert shall during the natural life of Jane Charles of Craswall, spinster, provide sufficient meat, drink, apparel and lodging and pay yearly rent or sum of four pounds at four quarterly payments in the year unto the said Jane Charles. And upon this further condition that the said William Gilbert pay in the space of three months next after the death of Jane Charles, unto Lewis Gilbert my youngest son the sum of fifteen pounds, unto James Gilbert my son the sum of ten pounds, unto John Gilbert my son the sum of fifteen pounds, to Syble Gilbert and Mary Gilbert my two daughters the sum of ten pounds, to my manservant James Gilbert the sum of five pounds.

Further provision of twenty pounds for the discharging of debts, or otherwise to be equally divided between sons and daughters and specified personal items bequeathed to sons and daughters.

Witnesses: Phillip Parry, John Powell, Richard Charles, Tho [Thomas] Price

Inventory included: Yes, dated 26 October 1713. Appraisers: Phillip Parry, Ro Price, Richard Charles, value £59-2-6

Will proved: 11 November 1713

Bond included: No

Other papers: None

Property/Holdings: None named



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