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Littlebury’s Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire

Place name:

Craswall [Craswell]




Trades and Professions named in Craswall include:

Beer retailer [Innkeeper]: David Watkins [Three Horseshoes]

Blacksmith: Moses Jenkins

Carpenter: Thomas Prosser

Miller: Thomas Jenkins [Cwm mills]

Shoemaker: John Powell [Crossway]

Mentions property called:  

Abbey Farm [Thomas Beavan]

Abraham’s Reeds [Lewis Williams]

Black Hill [James Johnson]

Black Hill [William Phillips]

Chapel House Farm [Thomas Beavan]

College farm [John Rowley]

Court Farm [Mrs. Gains]

Craswall Court [Thomas Beavan]

Cwm [Thomas Greenhow]

Cwm Steps [James Smith]

Dukes farm [David Strachan]

Goods Land [James Howells]

Great Black Hill [Richard Williams]

Green Lane [Robert Davies]

Holly Well [Caleb Gilbert]

Kill Horse farm [James Prosser]

Little Black Hill [George Watkins]

Llandraw [Mrs Stephens]

Llanoly farm [John Nott]

Lower Black Hill [John Gilbert]

Old House [Thomas Beavan]

Old Mill [Jonathan Howells]

Park farm [John Nott]

Pentwyn [George Morris]

Perkins Land [Mary Morgan]

Pethy pu [George Jenkins]

Rhynford [William Hughes]

Road [Samuel Jones]

Rocky fold [James Prosser]

Shawls [David Phillips]

Tan house [Aaron Jenkins]

The Barn [Elizabeth Davies]

The Birches [William Lewis]

The Coed [William Watkins]

The Oaks [James Pritchard]

The Porth [John Lewis]

The Rock [John Palmer]

Three Yew Trees [John Watkins]

Town [Benjamin Williams]

Tryland [Isaac Price

Upper House [Samuel Jones]

Wern wen [Joseph Williams]

White Haywood [Philip Gilbert]

White Oak [Joseph Beavan]

Wren’s Nest [Theophilus Gore]

Images of the 1876 Littlebury’s Directory entry for Craswall are shown below.


The Directory gives population, area, rateable value, types of crops grown and other details of the township. A new school building is about to be erected, and there are two Methodist chapels. Reference is made to Craswall Priory and the order of Grandmont.

This directory is not comprehensive in its coverage of all farms and commercial premises in the parish at the time. Also, in the transcribed lists of properties that are named, spellings in the original have sometimes been amended to reflect more common usage. In case of doubt please refer to the image of the original entry.

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