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Transcription: A request for instatement as Vicar of Clodock

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The letter transcribed below is an application to the Bishop of St Davids from Walter Wilkins for the position of vicar of Clodock which had become vacant on the death of Reverend Edward Sparkes in 1814. Mr Wilkins was unsuccessful, as the post was granted to the serving curate, Reverend John Rogers, who remained vicar of Clodock until 1833.


Jn’ry 3rd 1814

My Lord

Having learnt upon my arrival here that your Lordship has left London for Durham I fear that a letter which I addressed to your Lordship in London about three weeks ago has never reached your Lordship’s hands. I will take the liberty therefore of repeating the request that your Lordship would have the goodness to institute me to the Vicarage of Clodock by commission.

Clodock is situated in the county of Hereford and has become vacant by the death of Mr Sparkes. My uncle Mr Wilkins of Maeslough who is the Patron has in the kindest manner given me the presentation to it, which, the moment I have received your lordship’s commands, I will forward to Durham in hopes the nomination may meet with your Lordship’s approbation. The Parsonage and Building upon the Glebe have been left by Mr Sparkes in a most dilapidated state and I almost fear from the circumstances in which he died that we have but little to expect from his executors as it is of consequence however that I should be enabled as soon as possible to make my legal demands. I hope your Lordship will grant me institution as soon as it will suit your Lordship’s convenience. The Parish is situated wholly in Herefordshire the duty therefore is performed in English but if your Lordship requires it I will procure a certificate to that effect from the curate. If your Lordship will have the further goodness to express what documents you may wish I will take care to forward them with the presentation.

I am my Lord with the most unfeigned respect
Your Lordships’ very obedient and faithful servant
Walter Wilkins

My address is Cusop near Hay


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