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Supplemental Abstract of Title; Clodock Mill

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1851 - 1867


Supplemental abstract of the title of Mrs Ann Harris to a messuage or tenement and Mill, lands and hereditaments called Clodock Mill and also to certain pieces or parcels of land called Buttons Land all situated in the parish of Clodock.

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Indenture of 9th August 1851 between Thomas Griffiths, Walter Harris of Longtown, miller, and Jas. Gilbert Price of Abergavenny, referring to indentures of the 1st May 1844 and 13th July 1848, and reciting that Thomas Griffiths had contracted with Walter Harris for the sale to him of the described property for £750. It confirms to Walter Harris ‘all that messuage or tenement wherein James Powell did formerly dwell afterwards in the occupation of Francis Ballard afterwards of Henry Williams late of Anthony Harris as tenant of Thomas Griffiths, and then of Walter Harris, together with the stable and water corn mill thereto belonging and commonly called and known by the name of Clodock Mill’ together with four pieces of meadowland, Orchard, arable land and garden totalling 4a 2r 30 p, and three pieces of meadow & pasture land known as Buttons [?Bultons] Land.

Buttons Land is further described in detail, part lying on the East side of the Longtown to Walterstone road abutting lands late of Mrs Lewis decd., and then or late of John Lewis, and to lands then or late of John Lucy Scudamore Esq., formerly in the possession of David Watkins and then of James Griffiths as tenant and a second part called Gworlod-dis-law- [?upheal] situated on the West side of the said road abutting to lands late of Sarah Davies, widow, and then of John Edwards, and to lands formerly of David Prosser decd., afterwards of his widow, late of Edwin Prosser and then of Jas. Price. All the land is in the township of Longtown and for many years in the occupation of Thos. Gains, deceased as tenant to Jas. George, and afterwards in the tenure of Mary Gains, widow as tenant to Richd Ricketts and Henry Ricketts, subsequently of John Rogers decd., afterwards of John Lewis, late of Thomas Griffiths and then of John Lewis as tenant to W Harris.

Indenture of 11th August 1851 between Walter Harris and William Pritchard of Longtown, yeoman, to lend Walter Harris £600 at interest of £4.10.0 per centum per annum secured on the property.

Indenture of April 15th 1856 between Walter Harris and William Pritchard to lend Walter Harris a further £160 at interest of £4.10.0 percent per annum secured on the property and subject to certain covenants.

Will of Walter Harris dated May 7th 1860 leaving the whole of his freehold mill house and lands to his wife Ann Harris, who was also joint executor with her brother Lewis Powell. Walter Harris died on May 8th 1860 and the will was proved in the Hereford District Registry of the Court of Probate on August 20th 1860.

Indenture of 19th December 1860 between John Pritchard of Hunt House Farm, Clodock, yeoman, John Gilbert Harris of Clodock, Gent, Ann Harris of Clodock, widow, and Henry Lilwall of Ewyas Harold, Gent.

This indenture refers to the will of William Pritchard dated 25th August 1860 bequeathing the sum of £760 secured on a mortgage of the premises called Clodock Mill and Boultons Lands [note named ‘Buttons or Bultons land’ in the 1851 Indenture above] the property of William Harris, to be divided 1/8th to his brother John Pritchard of Building Cottage, Clodock; 1/8th to John Pritchard his son; 1/8th to Mary Rumsey wife of [?] Rumsey of Llangattock near Crickhowell and daughter of his brother John Pritchard; 1/8th to Mary Ruddle wife of John Ruddle and daughter of his brother John Pritchard; 1/8th to Elizabeth Whistance wife of Edward Whistance of Building Cottage and daughter of his brother John; 1/8th to Jane Seaborne of Burnt House, Clodock daughter of his brother John; 1/8th to James Pritchard son of his brother James Pritchard deceased of Llangattock, Crickhowell; 1/8th to Elizabeth Williams wife of Thomas Williams of Hill House Clodock and daughter of his brother James Pritchard, deceased. He appoints his nephew John Pritchard, son of James Pritchard and John Gilbert Harris of Longtown as executors and authorises them to realise the £760 secured on the property. William Pritchard died on 23rd May 1860 and his will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Court of Probate on 19th July 1860 [note: these dates do not match the given date of the will, above].
This indenture also refers to the loan of £700 to Ann Harris by Henry Lilwall, secured as a mortgage on the property.

The Will of Henry Lilwall dated 4th December 1862 bequeathed the mortgage to his sister Ann Lilwall, who was also sole executor. Henry Lilwall died on 8th October 1864, and his will was proved in the Hereford District Registry of the Court of Probate on 7th December 1864.


Marked ‘ 1867 Clodock Mill 2, Harris to Miles, For Mr Miles Lot I’
The title page refers to ‘certain pieces or parcels of land called Buttons Croft’, which is the third different spelling/name for this particular land in this document.

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