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Indenture of Release of Clodock Mill and lands in the township of Longtown in the parish of Clodock, County of Hereford, dated 9th March 1824 between David Watkins of Abergavenny, yeoman, John Andrews of Trewyn in the hamlet of Bwlch in the parish of Cwmyoy, gardner [gardener] and Ann Gwillim of the town of Monmouth, spinster, specifying that Ann Gwillim has contracted for the absolute purchase of the property from John Andrews for the sum of four hundred and five pounds, of which three hundred and ten pounds eight shillings were paid to David Watkins in discharge of mortgage and interest.

Reference is made to Indentures of Lease and Release dated the 24th and 25th December 1818, the release between James Woodward, Simon Exton, Henry Williams and the said David Watkins conveying the property to Henry Williams subject to a mortgage of £300 secured on the property by David Watkins.
Reference is also made to Articles of Agreement made [day, month illegible] 1821 Between Henry Williams and James Parry, whereby Henry Williams contracted with James Parry for the sale to him of the property subject to the said mortgage of £300 with growing interest thereof for the sum of one hundred and thirty six pounds

Reference is also made to indentures of lease and release dated 24th June 1822 between Henry Williams, James Parry and John Andrews, and to Articles of Agreement dated 19th March 1822 in which John Andrews contracted with James Parry for the purchase of all his interest in the property subject to the said mortgage of £300 and growing interest at a price of one hundred and twenty pounds.

Default was made in payment of the mortgage so that the interest of David Watkins in the premises became absolute, with £300 and £10.8.0 interest owing.

The property is described as all that messuage or tenement formerly in the occupation of James Powell afterwards of James Ballard since of Henry Williams and now of John Andrews, together with the stable and water grist mill called Clodock Mill and four parcels of Orchard and meadow land and one other plot of land and garden containing in the whole four acres two roods and thirty perches, together with all houses, outhouses, edifices, buildings, yards, gardens, orchards, ways, paths, passages, waters, watercourses, easements, profits, commodities, advantages, appendages, and appurtenances whatsoever.

Receipts signed by David Watkins for £310.8.0 and by John Andrews for £94.12.0 from Ann Gwillim are attached.



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