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Probate Collection; Will for Rees Landon, yeoman

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1. Will dated 1 February 1653 .
To grandchildren, Mary and Jane, daughters of William Prichard, £20 to be equally divided between them. The money being owed to the testator by their father. In addition a further £4 10
0d, to be divided between the two girls.
To his two grandsons, William and Thomas, sons of William Prichard, £4 between them (the last mentioned £8 10 0d being in the hands of Phillipp David and owed to the testator by bond)
Also to the grandsons, £10 between them the money being in their father's hands.
To grandson, John Watkin, second son of David Watkin, son in law, £20 with the present year's interest ending the
2 February 1653 , which sum is in the hands of Richard Charles by bond. John is also to have the best mare. In addition John is to have the best coffer, brass pot and 'wooden treend'.
To grandson, Richard Watkin, £20 which is the hands of Thomas Watkins and owed by bond, plus £5 in the hands of Phillip Lewis and also owed by bond and £3 in the hands of John Rogers and owed by bond together with 40/- owed by specialty by William and David Perrott. Also 40/- that his father owes for a young mare.
To grandson, James Watkin, £15 which is in the hands of Henry Rees Harry and owed by bond together with a 3 year old mare.
To niece, Mary Griffiths, sister's daughter, 10/-.
To Ellinor, reputed daughter of Hugh Lewis, one ewe.

Executors: David Watkin, son in law and Hugh Lord.

Signed by testator.

Witnesses: George Griffiths, William Prichard, William Morgan and Thomas Jenkins.

Date of Probate: 12 June 1654.




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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