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1. Will dated 27 February 1619
To the Cathedral Church of St Davids, for forgotten tythes, 12d.
To repairs of the parish church of Clodock, 5/-
For the poor of Clodock, 20/-
For the 'amending of one bridge at Philip Watkins house in Clodock', 3/4d
To John, base and reputed son, 'begotten on the bodie of Jonett my now wife', all the freehold lands with buildings and all other appurtenances lately purchased from Watkin Prees and lying in Newton. If john dies without lawful heirs then the lands are to pass to David Harry, son, or if he has died without heirs to daughter, Blanch.
To John David and Blanch, all the copyhold lands held by copy of court roll of Lord Bergavenny [Abergavenny] which was occupied by Watkin Prees and surrendered [to the testator] by Thomas Powell Mady, to hold for the remaining years according to the custom of the manor of Ewas Lacy.  
To Elizabeth, base and reputed daughter by Jonett the now wife, £100 to be paid out of the money which is in the hands of Thomas john Phe [Philip] Pry[Parry] upon the feast of Philip and Jacob the Apostles and due in 1622. if before then
Elizabeth dies without legitimate heirs then the £100 to be equally divided between John, David and Blanch.
To John Thomas Prees, brother, £44 to discharge a joint bond with the testator to Charles Jennyngs, the £44 being in the hands of David Thomas Prees.
To Blanch, daughter, all the copyhold lands , held from Lord Bergavenny, lately in the occupation of William Thomas, lying in Clodock called Tyr Shamond, for the unexpired term of the lease.
To Jonett, wife, for her lifetime, all the freehold lands purchased from Phe Morgan, if she remains unmarried and after to son David  or if he dies without heirs to John or failing him, Blanch.
Also to Jonett, 2 leases with all the term of years unexpired held from Leyson Thomas Esq. and John James Harry Powell, for the maintenance of herself and  the children. In addition for the payment of certain rents owed. £15 8 0d with the interest on it for former years past and also £3 10 0d which several sums are in the hands of the said John James
by specialty and the £3 10 0d lent him. [It is unclear whether this means that the testator lent the money and was claiming it or had himself taken the loan and this was an instruction to repay it.]
To John Thomas Prees, brother, £30, , towards the obtaining of a new lease from Leyson Thomas Esq. on the expiration of the current lease. The money being in the hands of David Thomas Prees by specialty. If a new lease cannot be secured then the interest on the £30 to go towards the maintenance of Jonett and the children in lieu of the lands [mentioned above]. When Jonett dies the £30 to go to son David or if he is dead to be divided between John Elizabeth and Blanch.
To Leyson, son of David Thomas Prees, 40/-To Lewis and Lucas, two other sons of David Thomas Prees, 20/- each. To Margaret and Sibill, two daughters of David Thomas Prees, 20/- each. This £6 being in the hands of their father.
To son, David and daughter, Blanch, £30to be divided wqually, the £300 being in the hands of Thomas John Phe Pry for the interest of £100 payable by him in three annual instalments of £10 each on the next 3 feast days of  Philip and Jacob Apostles, the last being in 1622.
If Thomas John Phe Pre his heirs or assigns does not pay the £100 to redeem his lands then the lands and messuage are to go to John Thomas Prees, brother, towards the payment of the £100 for daughter Elizabeth as well to content and pay to Thomas John Phe Pry three score pounds  in full payment of or for the said messuage lands and premises for which he the said John Thomas standeth with me bound to the said Thomas John Phe Pay.[ the convolutions of this paragraph make little sense unless it means that whilst the lands are forfeit but the mortgagor has to pay for the buildings etc on the lands]   
To wife, Jonett, 8 kine, 20 ewes and 20 lambs for her widowhood and after to be equally divided between John David and Blanch. Also all the corn now in the barn and growing.
To David, son of John Thomas Prees, 2 oxen.
To Leyson David, one 2 year old steer.
To Jonett, wife, one 4 year old colt and a 3 year old heifer.
Elizabeth verge Griffith , a two year old heifer. To Janet verge Griffith , a two year old heifer. To Johan verge Griffith one heifer 'goyng to three yeres old'. To George Griffith Howell, a one year old bull. To Gregory, Allen and James Griffith, a yearling beast each.
To Jonett, wife, a two year old bull and to John, reputed son, and Elizabeth, base and reputed daughter, a year old heifer each.
To John  a year old colt.
To Jane, goddaughter, one of the daughters of William Thomas, six yearling sheep.
To Harry Thomas, godson, son of Thomas John Phe Parry, six yearling sheep.
To Johane Thomas, maidservant, a ewe and a lamb.
To Thomas Lucas, son of Lucas Thomas, a ewe and a lamb.
To Margaret verge David and Sibill verge David, one yearling ewe each.
To Lewes John, godson, son of John Powell of Trewerne, a yearling ewe
To Lewis and Lucas David sons of David Thomas Prees, one yearling sheep each.
To Evan Phe [Phillips], one yearling sheep.
To wife, Jonett, 8 two year old wethers. Also all household stuff and implements during her widowhood and thereafter to be divided between the 4 childen.
John is to have £10 a year during his minority from the lands purchased from Watkin Prees towards his maintenance and Jonett is to have £4 11 8d annually from the profits from of the said lands.
Finally, Katherine, the wife of Watkin Prees [ his mother] is be permitted to 'enjoy one cottage wherein she now dwelleth together with one orchard  thereto belonging, paying yererly one red roase uppon the Feast day of St John the Baptist (If the same be demanded)'
To Elizabeth, base and reputed daughter, 2 kine.

Executors: John Thomas Prees, brother and Blanch verge Harry, daughter with overseers, Thomas Powell of Olchon, Thomas prosser George Jenken and Hugh Powell

Marked by testator.
Witnesses: John Jennyngs, Thomas Morgan, George Griffith Howell (mark) and Hugh Lewis. .

Date of Probate: 13 May 1620.




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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