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Photocopy of original documents


Probate Collection: Will and documents for Milonis John Mile.

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1.   Will:     undated  
[This is only the last page of a copy of the will. It is given in full]
  '.....Disposed by the discrecon of my Executor and my wife. Item I give to Rice Arnold a jerkin and a payre of breeches lyned with linnen. And to John Antonie my Doublet and best Breeches  and my new hatt and my shooes & stockings and a band*. And to my unkle Thomas Jones my Cloake and to Henry Thomas John a jerkin Doublett.'
To Anne Lovell, 3/- and 2/- more which my wife is to pay her.

Executor: nephew, David Harry

Indicated that original was marked by testator

Witnesses: Morgan Delahay, clerk, Thomas Jones, Charles John Thomas William, John Antonie.
Date of Probate:
25 September 1634

2. Inventory:
     none surviving.




This is a copy of an original will at the bottom of the page are two endorsements. The first verifying that this is a true copy which has been compared to the original and the second dated 18 July 1655 says' this coppie was examined by me Hen. Lowell[or Powell] and ye original ys delivered to David Jenkin of Llanigon upon Mr William Watkins & Mr James Williams[?] undertaking to return ye same back again unto me.'

* A wearing band was a loose turn down collar that replaced the ruff.[Words from Wills - Stuart A. Raymond]

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