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Probate Collection: Will and documents for Jonett Probert.

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1.   Will: dated 3 October 1631
To the cathedral
church of St Davids , 6d.
To the parish church of Clodock, 2/- towards the purchase of bell ropes.
To daughter, Alse [Alice], wife of Richard John Thomas, one red cow and one 'pyde stirling' [steerling or young steer?] of 3 years old. Also a crock, 'my best pewter dish', one pewter saucer, one trind, a carving table and a bushel of corn. 
To son, Howell Probert and said daughter Alse, 10 ewes and 6 lambs divided equally between them.
To Joan, daughter of Howell Probert, 2 lambs and one lamb to Christian, daughter of Richard John Thomas. Also to Joan, a yearling heifer.
To Jonett and Christian, daughters of Richard John Thomas, 20/- now in the hands of Thomas John Thomas to be equally divided between them.
To Jonett, a feather bed, a blanket, one carpet or covering, 4 sheets and one coffer.
To son, Howell Probert and Alse wife of Richard John Thomas, £3 which are in the hands of the said Thomas John Thomas, divided equally between them.
Son Howell to be residual legatee.
Executor: son, Howell Probert..

Marked by the testator

Witnesses: Thomas John Thomas, Jasper Powell, clerk, Thomas Watkin and Gwenllian Morgan,.

Date of Probate:
13 October 1631 .

2. Inventory:
7 October 1631 ; value £2  13  4d less debts of £1. Appraisers: Morgan Delahay clerk and David George.




The documents include a Bond dated 13 October 1631 with bounden Howell Probert of Clodock, yeoman and David George of the same yeoman in a surety of £20..
  Her Inventory is reproduced below with modern spelling.


Inprimis in moveable goods & implements
of Household                                                                         ijli   xiijs   iiijd   [£2  13  4d]

Debts due by the testator                             xxs     [£1]

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