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Probate Collection; Will and documents for John Lewis, yeoman

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1. Will
18 August 1826
Beneficiaries: To wife Anne, 'all that messuage etc….lying in Clodock called Rhydd-Rhose wherein I now live….for and during the end and term of the first year next after my decease…. To hold to her sole profit ….without any let or hindrance or molestation whatsoever' Also during the one year period all the interest due by notes of hand from various persons. After the end of the year she is to have an annuity of £3 paid in two half year payments out of the estate provided she remains a widow. The wife also gets one cow, 3 Ewes, one large Iron pot, a woollen wheel, a cupboard, a chair and all the house hold stuff and furniture she had before she married.
To daughter Mary Allen, the Rhydd-Rhose estate, at the end of the year of her mother's possession of it for her lifetime and thence to Henry Allen, grandson.
To Henry and Mary Allen, grandchildren, £100 to be divided equally between them when the reach 21. With the interest for their use during their minority. Also to them 'the remains of my household stuff'.
To reputed son John Jones, £3, 'to be paid from money due by notes', one coat, one waistcoat a pair of breeches and a shirt. The rest of his clothes to Henry Allen.

Executors: wife Anne and daughter Mary Allen

Marked by testator.

Witnesses: Thomas Davies, Thomas Watkins and George Watkins.

Date of Probate: 18 May 1827



No inventory. A strange provision for the wife in the will unfortunately there is no indication just how much the testator had out on bond or what he was worth. Only a will and a separate registration instruction. 2 sheets in all.

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