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Probate Collection; Will and documents for James Lewis, husbandman

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1. Will
26 May 1729 .
Beneficiaries: To wife, Mary and daughter, Mary, jointly, the dwelling house and garden etc. for the lifetime of the wife thereafter to the daughter and her heirs, provided wife does not re-marry. If she does marry again then the property goes to the daughter. Also to the both, all the household goods, cattle and chattels to be divided between them.
To son, John, 2/6d 
Executors: The two Marys.

Marked by the testator

Witnesses: Phillip James, James Davies and Thomas Price.

Date of Probate:
3 March 1759 .

2. Inventory: [plus copy] dated
10 June 1755 , value £4 4 5d. Appraisers Thomas Gronow and Edward Farr.




This is an unusual set of documents in that the will was made 30 years before the date of probate. Not only that, but the inventory was made in 1755, 4 years before probate. It seems that the deaths of the two executrices may have created some of the difficulties. The inventory lists unusually, potatoes and loaves of bread. Documents include a bond, incomplete with page 2 missing, a registration instruction, an Admon and a coversheet; 7 sheets in all.


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