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Probate Collection; Will and documents for David Watkins

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1. Will
[2 pages] dated
6 August 1832 ..
Beneficiaries: To John Jones of Oldcastle, farmer, all his leasehold lands and tenements together with his goods and chattels, in trust to allow his [the testator's] wife, Blanch, £15 p.a. as long as she remains a widow. This to be paid from the rent arising from his property; John Jones to administer the surplus to defray the cost of the funeral and the charge of proving the will.
On termination of the widowhood of his wife, Blanch and all expenses having been paid, the surplus to be equally divided between his grandchildren David and John Jones, John Powell and 'David, the reputed son, David Watkins.'
His trustee was to allow Blanch, during her widowhood, the free use of all his household goods and furniture, but afterwards the clock is to go to his daughter, Blanch, and the rest of the goods to be equally divided between his two daughters, Blanch and Sarah. His wearing apparel to his son in law John Powell.

Executor: John Jones.

Marked by the testator.

Witnesses: William Williams, John Griffiths and David Watkins, junior.

Date of probate: 1March 1834.




No inventory. Documents include a cover sheet; 3 sheets in all.
The coversheet is endorsed ' under £100' It also states '3 March 1834, sent probate on a 10d stp to "Mr John Jones Oldcastle to be left at the Lion Inn, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny" per Paul Pry (booked)' and signed [signature undecipherable].

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