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Probate Collection; Inventory for Watkin  William Harry

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1. Will or Bond
none surviving

2. Inventory: dated
30 May 1627 ; value £49 11 0d. Assessors: William Harry, David Howell Probert and Thomas Watkins.





The total given seems to be very inaccurate even with the missing value for "the other black mare". The true total of the items shown is £41 16 4d a long way from the given total of £49 11s.

A true inventory of all the goodes cattels and chattels household stuff and implements of Watkin Wm Harry deceased intestate died 18th Daie of this Instant May 1627 of the township of Crasswall in Cledygo [endorsed "Clodock" in another hand] countie of Heref Dioces of St Davids prized by William Harry, David Howell Probert & Thomas Watkins as followeth
His inventory is reproduced below with modern spelling
                                                                                                                £      s      d  
In primis two Oxen                                                     vli                      5
Item 5 kine                                                               viijli vis 8d            8        6      8 
Item one yearling heifer                                              xiijs 4d                   13      4
Item one horse pallittell [?] mare                         iijli vjs 8d             3        6      8
Item10 yearling sheep                                           xxxiijs 4d             1       13     4
Item one littell coult                                                     xxs                   1
Item one Sowe                                                             iijs 4d                         3     4
Item one other black mare [hole]
Item 2 feather beddes wth their apptnce               vjli                      6
Item Brass and pewter                                              xvjs                            16
Item all wooden vessels                                            vijs                              7
Item ne broche                                                                  xijd                        1
Item all his implements of husbandriey                       xijd                       1
Item one cow now in Varndau being of
the goode of the testator before the Kings Councell
in the Marches of Wales against Thomas
Margams & Thomas Harry Evan wch cow was
by the deceased bought for  lijs or there-
abouts & by them afterwards detayned                      lijs                   2      12
Item 2 acres of wheat & Rye                                       xiijs 4d                     13      4
Item in all of oates and barley five acres
or thereabouts                                                               xviijs                          18
Item his wearing apparel.                                      iijli                           3
Item in debts owing unto the deceased
upon Layson Thomas Esq.                                 vijli viijs                    7       8

                              Sum: Tota:l xlixli xj s


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