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Probate Collection; Bond and documents for Henry Winston, gent

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1. Bond;
13 February 1628
Bounden: Mary Winston of Clodock, widow & Llewellyn David Prichard of the same yeoman in a surety of £40.

2. Inventory: nd; value given as £11 10 10d. Assessors James Nicholas, William Watkins, Thomas David Prichard.




The inventory is reproduced below with modern spelling:


In primis 3 heifers   2 younger old                                   xviiis
1 horse                                                                                     ijs
1 mare                                                                                      ijs
2 feather beds & 
3 bedsteads wth their appurtncs                                         xxxs
All brass and pewter                                                            xiijs iiijd
Ite all wooden [crossed out and undecipherable]              js
Ite all the iron ware and all the implements
that belong to husbandry                                                    iiijs
Ite one gobbard one presse one chest
one coffer and all boards and frames                                 xs
Ite 2 flitches of bacon 2 flitches of Pork
and 2 sides of beef                                                                   xs
Ite all the corn and grain in the house                                 vis
Ite 4 acres of muncorn upon his ground                             xxs
Ite one lease held for certain years
under Sr Ralph Hopton knight                                               xs
Ite all the straw and hay                                                          ijs iiijd
Ite all the poultry 2 pigs                                                           ijs
Ite in the hand of Roger Landon
done by lease                                                                         iiijs xd
Ite his wearing apparel one sword                                      iijs iiijd
Ite one pair of boots and spurs                                               is
Ite one old saddle & one patt [pack?] saddle                      ijs

As this only adds up to £7 1 10d it may be that there has been an error in copying this from the original.


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