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Digital Archive - Property Particulars: Lower Ponthendre Barns

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Property particulars for a barn conversion into two residential units at Lower Ponthendre, Clodock are contained in a planning application approved by Herefordshire Council and displayed as a public document on their website.





The overall description of the development given in the application document is as follows:


Unit 1:- has been designed to use some of the original barns first floor areas with minimal internal subdivision. The first floor accommodation is located at the west and east ends of the building maintaining the central double height volume over the threshing floor. Access to the first floor is from two new stairs. The west stair leads up to a single bedroom with bathroom ensuite. This is contained by the existing timber truss and overlooks the central void. An existing window in the west gable provided light ventilation and escape. The east stair leads up to 2no bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Bedroom 2 is contained by the existing timber truss and overlooks the central void. Bedrooms 2 and 3 had no original windows or rooflights and it is proposed to introduce new conservation type escape roof lights in each.


Unit 2:- Has been designed to use all of the original upper level to the cow shed area with minimal internal subdivision. Access to the first floor is from a new stair centrally located between the two upper areas. The stairs leads up to an enclosed landing with a family bathroom. The landing leads to bedroom l and 4 to the north and east which has a bathroom opposite. Existing windows provide light and ventilation. The landing also leads to the west where 2no bedrooms are shown. Bedroom 3 used to have a small dormer overlooking the north of the site. This is to be reinstated and photographs exist of its original location and dimensions. Bedroom 2 has no original windows or roof lights and it is proposed to introduce a new conservation type escape roof light as unit 1.



Full particulars including detailed descriptions of the accommodation, a selection of photographs, design drawings, environmental and access proposals, and the floor plans can be downloaded here in PDF file format.




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