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Image and summary of Sale Particulars of Urishay Castle Estate

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Freehold Agricultural and Sporting Property known as the Urishay Castle Estate comprising eleven farms, a mill, residential and business premises, small holdings, cottages and accommodation land, the whole comprising 1,568 acres with a total gross rent roll of about £1,560 per annum.


To be sold at auction by Messrs Millar, Son and Co at the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford on Wednesday, 24th September, 1913 at 2.30 pm sharp.


The Estate lay primarily in Peterchurch. However, some properties were wholly or partly located at the northern end of Michaelchurch Escley close to Urishay, and in Craswall, with some land of farms in Peterchurch extending into St Margarets. Only these properties are included here.


Below is a copy of part of the Estate Map [not in good condition] showing the location of the properties.  


Brief details of each Lot are also set out below.


Click here  for detailed Maps and Brochure pages of each Lot.  

Click here for a Newspaper Report on the Sale with details of Buyers and prices relised


All properties were for sale freehold.




Lot 33 The Brochure details of this Lot are missing. The Lot was Urishay Castle Farm and a small part of the land holding fell within St Margarets. [The property did not sell.]


Lot 34 Urishay Court Farm. Total 42a 2r 31p of which approximately half fell within St Margarets. Let to Mr William Prichard expiring 1915 at £49 18s pa with shooting of £2, totalling £51 18s pa. [The property did not sell.]


Lot 38 A parcel of accommodation land of 14a 0r 2p only partly in Michaelchurch Escley. Let to Mr John Price expiring 1915 at a rent of £12 pa. [The property did not sell.]


Lots 39 & 40 Two parcels of accommodation land almost entirely in Michaelchurch Escley, each of 3a 0r 30p and each let to Mr William Pritchard terminating 1915 at £3 pa. [Neither lot was sold.]


Lot 41 A parcel of accommodation land in Michaelchurch Escley, of 1a 1r 6p let to Mr Wm Pritchard terminating 1915 at £1 5s pa. [The property did not sell.]



Lot 44 Two enclosures in Michaelchurch Escley, containing 0a 2r 18p let to Mr Lewis Williams terminating 1914 at 10s pa. [The lot sold for £20.00, (£32.65 per acre) and a gross yield of 2.5%.]


Lot 45 Clothiers and King’s Arms Farms, Michaelchurch Escley. Total 90a 2r 24p. [Clothiers] Stone built containing six rooms and outbuildings of wood shed and earth closet etc with good garden. Capital farm buildings consisting of stone built cart house, stable, chaff-cutting house, cow houses, large barn, piggeries, open cart sheds and granary over one. Another set of buildings [King’s Arms] comprising barn, stable and open shed. Let to Mr Victor Lane terminating 1915 at £65 pa with shooting at £5, totalling £70pa. [This lot did not sell.]


Lot 46 A small holding in Michaelchurch Escley comprising the remains of a cottage known as Ivy House and 12a 1r 35p of land. Let to Mr A Lewis expiring 1915 at £9 1s 6d pa. [The property sold for £150.00, (£12.03 per acre) and a gross yield of 6.05%.]


Lot 47 An enclosure in Michaelchurch Escley of 6a 0r 8p let to Mr Thomas Gwilliam expiring 1915 at £5 pa. [This lot did not sell.]


Lot 48 Merdy. A stock farm in Michaelchurch Escley of 148a 3r 11p comprising a stone built house containing two sitting rooms, kitchen, dairy, three bedrooms and attic over and farm buildings consisting of cow houses, large barn, cart-horse stable, stables, cart house, chaff house and piggeries. Let to Mr Thomas Gwilliam at £65 pa with shooting at £7 pa, totalling £72 pa. [The property sold for £1,350.00 (£9.07 per acre) and a gross yield of 5.3%]


Lot 49 Lower Llan-Rosser [Llanrosser]. A farm in Michaelchurch Escley of 60a 3r 24p comprising a picturesque house, stone built, containing two living rooms, back kitchen, dairy, pantry, larder and four bedrooms, a large garden and buildings consisting of cow house, large barn, cart house and cart-horse stable. Excellent water supply. Let to Mr Aaron Meredith expiring 1915 at £40 12s pa with shooting at £3 pa totalling £43 12s pa. [The property sold for £875.00 (£14.40 per acre) and a gross yield of 4.98%.]


Lot 50 Crasswell [Craswall] Court. A farm in Craswall and Michaelchurch Escley of 112a 1r 16p comprising a stone built house containing large living room with range, large kitchen, wash-house, dairy and two bedrooms. Farm buildings consist of cow house, barn, chaff houses, cart-horse stable, implements shed, chicken house etc. Let to Mrs Gane terminating 1915 at £42 pa with shooting at £5, totalling £47 pa. [The property did not sell.]



The Brochure is marked in hand indicating which properties were sold. Overall some 572 acres were sold, approximately 36% of the total, achieving £11,145 equivalent to £19.50 per acre. Only two of the eleven farms offered were sold – Merdy Farm and Lower Llan-Rosser  

Parts of the Urishay Castle Estate were re-offered for sale in later years.

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