Sale of Urishay Castle Estate, General Remarks




General Remarks concerning the Sale as printed in the Sale Catalogue.



1.    SITUATION.—The various Lots are situate in the well-known Golden Valley, so named for the Fertile Character of its Lands. Peterchurch Station, on a Branch of the Great Western Railway, is within a few minutes' walk of all the Principal Lots which abut on to good roads, while the inhabitants are in the unique position of being within reach of Four Noted Markets, viz. : Hereford, Hay, Ross and Abergavenny.


2.    PLANS AND QUANTITIES.—The Plan is based on the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, published with the consent of the Controller of H.M. Stationery Department and adjusted for the purpose of this Sale by the Auctioneers, and the Areas are derived from the same source. All are believed to be correct and shall be so accepted by both Vendor and Purchasers, but should any dispute arise with reference to the same or to the Boundaries, the matter shall be referred to the Auctioneers, whose decision shall be final.


3.    TIMBER.—Any growing Timber, Tirnber-like Trees, Tellers, Pollards, Saplings, Plantations and Underwood down to the Stub shall be taken over and paid for by each respective Purchaser at a valuation to be made in the usual way and as stated in the Conditions of Sale.


4.    CULTIVATIONS.—The Land is well cultivated, while the Farmhouses and Buildings are very conveniently placed. The description of the cultivation of the Lands may be taken in most instances as representing their present state, but shall not affect the rights (if any) of any Tenant or Tenants to alter such cultivation, and the Lots are sold subject to such rights (if any).


5.    TENANCIES.—Notices have been given to all the Tenants to quit their Holdings on the expiration of their Tenancies, as stated in the Particulars, and on such expiration the Purchasers of the respective Lots will be entitled to Vacant Possession, subject to the Custom of the County and the provisions of the Agricultural Holdings Acts, and to the terms of the respective Tenants' Agreements.


5.    LAND TAX.—The amount payable on the whole Estate is .£30 53. 4d., or less than 5d. per acre.


7.    URISHAY CASTLE, Chape!, Farmhouses and Buildings are for the most part very substantially built with OLD OAK Beams, Floors and Staircases, while there is a large quantity of FINE OLD PANELLING in Urishay Castle (Lot 33). THE CHAPEL contains many objects of interest, including original ALTAR, FONT and OLD OAK PULPIT.



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