Newton – St Margarets W.I. 25 Years



1952 marked not only the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II but also the founding of the Newton - St Margarets Branch of the Women’s Institute. And so it was that in 1977 both the Queen and the ladies of Newton - St Margarets W.I. celebrated their Silver Jubilee. It was decided to mark the local occasion by gathering together memories of the changes which had occurred over the 25 year period and publishing them in a small booklet. The booklet had a restricted print run and quickly sold out. It was never republished and today is a local collector’s item.


30 years on it is interesting to look back on these recollections of old, and note how again things have moved on.


The booklet has an introduction and 11 chapters on different aspects of village life. These are reproduced here



6    Social Life

1    The Village

7    People’s Work

2    Services

8    Agricultural Change

3    The Position of Women

9    Religious Life

4    Changes in the Home

10  Local Government

5    Education

11  Memories

The W.I. in Newton St Margarets lasted until 2004 when it was decided by members to break their ties with the National Movement but to continue to meet as an informal Women’s Guild.

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