Newton School


1855 - 1962


In about 1855 a School Room was built in a corner of the St John’s Churchyard. It was a simple stone building with a single room 22 feet by 13 feet. It had a fireplace, three windows and a single door giving out on to the graveyard. There were no toilets or other services. Furnishing was bare, benches for the children, a table and chair for the teacher, two rows of wooden pegs for clothes and some crude shelves for slates and books. Here for just over 20 years the children of the Parish received their education. It cost their parents one or two old pence per week.

The Old School Room

Church Room Restored


The education Acts of the 1870 and 1889s obliged the School Boards to provide free education for all and a new school was built in 1877 on a site about half a mile away. The Schools, Infant and Senior, were to the designs of Messrs Haddon Brothers of Hereford and Malvern. They could accommodate 96 children but the normal attendance was about 48.
The old school room was then used for Church and Community purposes; it served well and was restored and modernised in 2003.

Newton School in 1920, the School House of the Head Teacher on the left

The Schools closed in 1961. Children were then transported daily by bus from the Parish to schools at Michaelchurch and Peterchurch. In about 1970 the School building was sold to a local builder who converted it into two residences.

School Log books from 1893 to 1961, and the Admissions Register from 1921 to 1961 are held in the archives of the Hereford Records Office, reference AA90/1-5. There are some restrictions on access.


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