Image of Sale Particulars and plans for Marquess of Abergavenny’s Ewyas Lacy Estate




The Catalogue of Sale prepared for the Marquess is a substantial document. It details properties in 166 lots in over 100 pages. It was supported by 10 large coloured maps.


It is presented here in searchable sections arranged by area and following the plan adopted in the catalogue.


Properties in the Ewyas Harold and Ewyas Harold Common area, as Map 1 , Lots 1-40

Properties in the Walterstone area, as Map 2 , Lots 41-46


Properties in the Lower Maescoed area
 (Newton and Clodock Parishes), as Map 3
, Lots 47 – 69

Properties in the Newton area, as Map 4 , Lots 70-71



Properties in the Upper Maescoed area
 (St Margarets and Michaelchurch Parishes), as Map 5
, Lots 72-97

Properties in the Michaelchurch Eskley area, as Map 6 , Lots 98-100


Properties in the Craswall, Michaelchurch area, as Map 7 , Lots 101-128

Properties in the Craswall area, as Map 8 , Lots 129-135

Properties in the Michaelchurch Eskley area, as Map 9 , Lots 136-150

Properties in the Longtown, Llanveynoe area, as Map 10 , Lots 151-166

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