Farming in Newton


1920 - 1945


Photographs from the Richard Jenkins collection

Haymaking at Quarrelly Farm
Unknown, Tom ‘the Roadman’, Eva Jenkins, Tom Williams

Sowing at Quarrelly in war years

Combine at Quarrelly in war years

Cider making at Quarrelly

At Newhouse Farm about 1920

Boy is Jim Price born 1909

At Newhouse Farm about 1930
Back row: Jim Price, unknown, Tom Watkins
Harry Gladwyn

Front: Frank Watkins, Fred Gain,
Mr Price senior, Phil Christopher, Sid Powell
John Hughes, Leonard Gain (boy)

Harry Pritchard, unknown, Tom Williams

On right , Tom Williams

Shearing, Les Christopher and Henry Watkins

Richard Jenkins
Quarrelly Farm
the photographer


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