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2007 - 2012




We have compiled an extensive library of pictures of Ewyas Lacy, which appear on the website both as special collections and as part of a variety of other documents. The library is being added to constantly and ‘Ewyas Lacy in Pictures’ represents a sample, both modern and historic, which we hope will give visitors a flavour of the richness and diversity of the material available. More extensive collections can be found in the Photographs page of the Digital Archive.

Copyright may apply to some of the modern photographs. Should you wish to make use of them, except for your own private use, we would ask that you make contact to check copyright and also refer to the Ewyas Lacy Study Group web site as the source.


The Ewyas Lacy area has some of the most stunning landscape in Herefordshire if not the country. Its history gives rise to many splendid churches and other old buildings and historical features .


Although this is a remote rural area with a low population, considerable information is available to those researching family history and the area still has an active community . The remote location has led to a limited infrastructure and transport network whereas the low population has led to more limited pressure on the countryside and its flora and fauna which still includes many interesting if not rare species. Numerous old occupations and crafts such as dry stone walling, hedge laying and local stone roof tiles and flagstone production, survive in the area.


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