Economics and Politics: Industry in Ewyas Lacy

Industrial activity in Ewyas Lacy has always been on a limited scale and mainly related to agriculture or the day to day needs of rural communities. A few businesses, such as quarrying [mainly small 'delves' for stone roof tiles and flags] and milling [relying on water power from the network of local brooks and rivers] exploited the limited natural resouces of the area, but most were small-scale service industries working within individual parishes or townships. The links below highlight specific types of enterprise that have a significant number of references in the records. Other insights into business activity in Ewyas Lacy can be found by following the 'Working Lives' link on the main Subjects page.

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 Machinery at Pontys Mill

 Photographs of Michaelchurch Mill
A selection of photographs of the water corn and grist mill in Michaelchurch Escley
 Roof tiles from local stone

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