Digital archive:  Photographs of Llancillo forge site


c1970s, 2017


Photographs of the site of the former Llancillo forge, which was operational from the 17th to 19th centuries. The forge itself has been demolished and a modern barn now stands on the site. The first photograph (taken c1970s) shows the ruin of a building adjacent to the forge site and thought to be contemporary with it, though the purpose is unknown (possibly accommodation for workers?). The other photographs show the same building in a more advanced state of decay in 2017, and close to it a modern barn built on the site of the former forge.

See  ‘
The Iron Forge at Llancillo: Its Owners and Operators’ by Philip Vaughan for a reconstructed history of the forge.


Derelict building, c1970s
(image from unknown source)


Derelict building (facing west), 2017


Derelict building in the foreground (facing east) with modern barn beyond, 2017


Derelict building (facing south towards former forge), 2017



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Ref: nw_llc_3002