Digital Images Collection: Rowlestone Mill photographs




Details of the history of this mill at Rowlestone are not known. Photographs are accompanied by a brief description. A link to wider references to Rowlestone Mill in our documents database is also included here for convenience. The mill is not accessible to the public.



Rowlestone mill and overshot waterwheel


The waterwheel, fed by a header tank connected by pipe to the mill pool behind

A belt drive for auxiliary machinery, geared directly from the pit wheel


The sack hoist, chain and pulley on the bin floor of the mill

The sack hoist mechanism


The water header tank and inlet pipe

The water header tank and inlet pipe, showing the penstock valve mechanism operated from inside


The pit wheel and the belt drive wheels for the auxiliary machinery

A cider apple crusher powered by the mill


The metal axle, spokes and shrouds

The waterwheel


Simple screw tentering mechanism

A pinion connects the lay shaft directly to the pit wheel to power belt drives to the rest of the mill


Steep internal stairs are offset in parallel, to provide headroom while occupying the minimum floor space

The lever controlling the penstock, and a crude scale on the wall indicating how far the sluice is opened


A belt driven lay shaft on the middle floor of the mill

Internal stairs looking down. They were very steep to utilise space efficiently


The bin floor and roof structure, with the sack hoist pulley in the apex

Sack hoist mechanism on the bin floor




The pit wheel and hursting


The mill leet

The mill pond beside the house


Apple crusher for cider making.

Detail of the lay shaft drive mechanism, powered from the pit wheel


A lay shaft on the middle floor







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