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Pontys Mill is located on the Escley Brook between Michaelchurch Escley and Longtown, and milling is thought to have continued there until the 1950’s, though other details of its history are not known. The mill had two pairs of stones driven from an overshot waterwheel. The presence of a bolter is evidence that one pair of stones was used for milling flour, and the other would therefore most likely have been for animal feed. The waterwheel is completely unserviceable, and the leet is dry, having been filled in upstream from the mill. The course of the leet after the first fifty yards or so is no longer easy to discern, and little evidence remains of exactly where it met the Escley Brook or the abstraction arrangements there. The mill is not accessible to the public.


Photographs are accompanied by a brief description. A link to wider references to Pontys Mill in our documents database is also included here for convenience.



Pontys Mill, on the Escley Brook between Michaelchurch and Longtown


The remains of the overshot waterwheel, overgrown and in severe disrepair

A Bolter for sieving flour, on the stone floor of Pontys mill


The wooden tun encasing a pair of millstones

There are two pairs of millstones at Pontys Mill


The spur wheel and crown wheel, with levers to engage or disengage a wooden lay shaft off the crown wheel.

The drive machinery, framed by the two meal spouts


Details of the crown wheel, which drives two lay shafts in this mill

The stone nut, with a screw mechanism to raise it out of mesh when required


Pit wheel, spur wheel, stone nut and crown wheel

A winnowing machine [fan cleaner] on the stone floor at Pontys Mill





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