Digital Images Collection: Photographs of Publications relating to Clodock Church




A selection of original published booklets, leaflets and articles relating to Clodock church have been photographed and can be downloaded for detailed examination and/or transcription. Image quality is dependent on the condition of the original records.


Summaries of all original documents in the Digital Images Document Collections are already included separately in the records on this website, and can be found using the site search engine.


Some of the image files are in PDF format and researchers wishing to download these will need PDF reader software installed on their computer, such as that supplied free of charge by Adobe. With the latter installed, clicking on the links below will automatically download the images as a PDF document and open the PDF reader.


Documents accessed by the links on this page may be large files and if you do not have a broadband connection please bear in mind they may take a long time to download.



Clodock Church 2007


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