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Craswall Grandmontine Society (CGS)

Craswall Grandmontine Society was founded by Carole Hutchison and Kate Douglas in October 1983. Its objectives are ‘the education and instruction of the public by the furtherance of the study, investigation, description and preservation of the historical and archaeological evidence of the Grandmontine Order in Britain and in particular the Priory at Craswall’.

Since the late 1980s the Society worked with the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission and its successors in order to promote these objectives through funding appropriate conservation work, leading to the rescheduling of the Priory in 1996. Further work has been carried out since then, most recently by the combined efforts of Natural England and Historic England.

Previous excavations, in the 1900s and the 1960s, had exposed much of the plan of the site and its significant details, allowing a growing realisation of its significance as the only Grandmontine house in England with such substantial remains, as the highest of all monastic sites in England, and as the only Grandmontine site in Europe with evidence of an earlier church, incorporated as a ‘south chapel’ in a later rebuilding.

More detail of the Society’s involvement in later excavations is to be found in the final section of ‘Foundation and Archaeological History’.

The Society remains committed to its objectives. It has a small membership but still aims to draw the attention of appropriate national bodies to the work which needs doing in order to preserve these remains of outstanding significance. After the recent successful programme of conservation work, the emphasis may now shift to the east wall of the Chapter-House.

The Society has always been grateful for the support of the landowners, Mr and Mrs Richards, by whose agreement it is possible to visit the site of the Priory, which lies next to a public footpath.

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